Education visits

Groups booking a visit to Brading Roman Villa can have a guided tour led by a trained learning guide. It takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The accompanying talk is tailored by the age and needs of the group as well as what they ask as they walk around
the villa.


There is an education room which is reserved for you once you book an activity. There are a variety of activities organised by key stage and subject. Click on the PDF below for more details

With a half day visit there is time for one activity and two activities on a whole
day visit.


Bespoke Education visits for all schools

Our Education Officer is a qualified and experienced teacher who can design tours and differentiated activities to meet your learning objectives. They will aim to address the specific needs of your pupils.


Resources that place the visit in the Programmes of Study 2013 can be emailed on request. There are ideas for lessons before and after the visit, as well as worksheets and other suggestions that will help your pupils get the most out of their visit to Brading Roman Villa.

Adult Learning

We have run many workshops for adults and their support workers. They tend to involve life skills or some aspect of the villa, but are designed to meet the needs of a specific booking.

Prices for learning visits

Children £4.50.
Teachers and support staff free.
Key stage Activities £1 per child. 

Bespoke activities on request. 

For booking or further information contact us on:

Tel: 01983 406223
White line
White line

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