Cobb Nut plantation

Sponsored by the Sandown Rotary Club and the Friends of
Brading Roman Villa

I’m pleased to announce a partnership between the Sandown Rotary Club and the Friends of Brading Roman Villa. As part of the Roman Landscape Project, a plantation of 250+ Cobb Nut trees is to be created near to the Villa. Sandown Rotary has awarded the Friends a £5000 grant in order to purchase and plant the trees.

The existing landscape surrounding the Villa currently consists of a replica Roman Garden, grassed areas with picnic tables, areas marked out in chalk depicting the buried remains of Roman buildings, and a wild meadow.

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The Cobb Nut plantation will serve several purposes:

  • It is envisaged that the plantation will become part of the Red Squirrel pathway across the Isle of Wight, providing food and habitat for the squirrels and
    other wildlife.
  • Cobbs can be harvested and sold in the Villa Shop; any profits would be used to maintain the villa and its landscape.
  • The plantation will link in to the present Wild Meadow. The Wild Meadow is a popular educational space used by schools and other visiting children. Children have been involved in producing the explanatory signage and graphics used in the Meadow. This involvement can be continued in to the plantation.
  • The plantation will enhance the visitors’ usage and experience of the outdoor areas of the Villa complex.


brading roman villa aerial
Brading Roman Villa 1 - May 2013 Tim Addison


The Plantation will be in the field to the north of the Villa, linking to the boundary hedge at one end and to the Wild Meadow at the other end, with the Adgestone road to the north and the replica Roman Garden on the south side.

Whilst there is an entrance charge to visit the Roman Villa Museum, all of the outdoor areas are free from any charges and this free access to the grounds will continue as a service to visitors and the Island residents. The existing areas are used extensively by families and parties of walkers, as there is a public right of way that runs adjacent to the boundary hedge.

The Villa is set in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a major attraction for Islanders and tourists who visit the Museum, use the onsite café, shop and grounds.

A number of IOW charities and volunteers involved in areas such as education and Red Squirrel conservation will be involved in the Plantation Project. It is hoped that schools will have an on-going involvement with the landscape project as a whole. The charity “Care in the Garden” a gardening organisation involved in, training and employing disabled people in different aspects of gardening is to be involved in the planting and on-going maintenance of the plantation.

Trees and services will be purchased (where possible) from IOW sources.

Plan of Cobb Nut Plantation

David Reeves
Chairman: Friends of Brading Roman Villa

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